loyalty Card Program

What are Reward Cards?

Reward Cards, also known as Loyalty Cards, are given to your customers who then present them with every purchase. A percentage of that purchase, determined by you, is credited to the card and is redeemable toward future purchases.

Reward Cards provide added value to your existing customers while helping to ensure that they frequent your business. In addition, they are an excellent marketing tool for attracting new business.

Customers are Rewarded for Their Patronage

Customers can sign up for your Reward Card program in store as part of a marketing promotion or loyalty campaign. With Reward Cards you can acknowledge frequent customers and award points according to their level of spending. You can encourage repeat purchases by enabling a points-based reward system. You can offer discounts and points toward merchandise and record valuable data about customers’ buying preferences at the same time.

Reward Cards as Membership Cards

Reward Cards can pull double-duty by not only tracking customer use and storing reward value but can serve as regular or VIP membership cards. You can choose to reward your most loyal customers with extra benefits and discounts or even access to certain areas of your establishment. Membership cards create demand, add tremendous value to customer service and strengthen a company’s brand recognition.

Reward Card Facts:

  • Research shows we are happier when we “win” rewards than we are having them land in our laps
  • A constant reminder of your business whenever customer opens wallet
  • Drive repeat business and increase sales
  • Perfect for small business customer retention
  • Maximum number of daily uses controls
  • Maximum value limit controls
  • 24/7 Client Service