Demo Cards

What are CCC Mailers?

A Community Connect Card (CCC Mailer) is a loyalty card that has been integrated into a postcard. It is printed on premium card stock, laminated and die-cut creating a thick, durable plastic card that remains firmly in place until the recipient punches it out of the postcard. CCC Mailers can be made to spec as gift cards, reward cards, discount cards, membership cards and even as plastic key tags. They match PVC for durability and provide a cleaner background for printing.

CCC Mailers are a great way to significantly increase response on your next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. They can be completely customized to include logos, names, addresses, numbering, barcodes, pictures and other text. Because the loyalty card is integrated into the postcard you can eliminate the expense and hassle of using envelopes and save on postage costs.

CCC Mailer Facts

  • Made of Plastic – Plastic gets noticed because of a higher perceived value.
  • Personalized – Logos, names, addresses, numbering, barcodes, pictures, etc.
  • Loyalty Card – The loyalty card is built in. All your customer needs to do is punch it out.
  • Lower Postage – A CCC Mailer costs only only .36¢ for a first class mailing.
  • Open Rates are a non-factor – By having the card exposed every recipient sees the value of your offer the moment they look at their mail.
  • Reusable – The card may be reused as a reward or membership card or if used as a gift card it may be recycled for use with another customer.
  • Branding – Every time your customer opens their wallet, they are reminded of your existence.
  • Savings – CCC Mailers can be produced for as little as .89¢ each which includes postage. This is close to the same price as you would pay for a loyalty card without the mailer attached.
  • Targeted Mailing Lists – Mail to your existing clientelle or take advantage of our targeted mailing lists.