loyalty Card Program

What are Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty Cards are made to be distributed to your customers. These plastic, magnetically striped cards are swiped and read through your card terminal. There are three kinds of loyalty cards; Gift Cards, Reward Cards and Community Connect Cards. They are a simple, yet powerful, method to add value to your brand while increasing your sales.

You may choose stock, pre-printed cards to which we will add your logo and business contact information or you may choose to fully customize your card with the exact design you want; an especially strong statement of your brand sophistication. We even have talented graphics department that will design your card for you at no charge with your card-processing order.

Why have Loyalty Cards?

  • They’re the perfect way to create repeat business
  • They enhance your image as an established business
  • They give you the ability to create referral business
  • They’re often used for purchases that would not have been made otherwise
  • They’re a great new way to increase your sales and profits

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