Express Lane

What is Express Lane?

We live in a world of lightning speed. Consumers have become ever more conscious of the need for efficiency and your customers simply won’t settle for anything less than the fastest and most efficient service. This demand for speed is particularly crucial in high-volume sales environments.

Today’s consumers count their time in seconds when they’re at the check-out stand. Yesterday’s transaction processing speeds are no longer acceptable with consumers that expect processing in the two-second range. If your check-out lanes aren’t moving at the speed your customers expect, you may lose not only the sale but all of the customers’ business.

It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Although everyone understands the demand for quicker processing speeds, many Merchants have found the move to high speed difficult. When they looked at their current situation, they immediately ran into a maze of questions that didn’t seem to have answers:

  • Is my current terminal capable of high speed transactions?
  • Can my communications line handle high speed?
  • Does my local network support the kinds of transmissions that high speed requires?
  • Will my point-of-sale software package work with high speed?
  • How do I link up with my processor’s high-speed gateway?

As a technology leader, CMS has the ability to stand above the market and analyze changing processing needs. To meet the increasing need for high speed processing, CMS simplified the transition to high speed for Merchants by establishing a comprehensive line of high speed implementation services providing different solutions in three identifiably different point-of-sale settings:

  • Dial-up terminals requiring linkage to high speed communication networks
  • High speed transmission-capable terminals requiring communications protocol “translation” to work with transaction processing gateways
  • Integrated point-of-sale solutions (typically, electronic cash registers and PC-based point-of-sale platforms) requiring an integrated software approach

CMS’s partnership with Datacap

CMS has established a partnership with Datacap because Datacap already has the mix of products and services that when combined with CMS’s payment transaction server gateway will meet the needs of all three of the point-of-sale settings CMS has identified for high-speed transition services. Together with Datacap CMS is able to field this a powerful combination of products and services that include;

  • Flexible ECR/POS system card payment integration (both dial-up and HIGH SPEED)
  • Flexible terminal communications upgrades
  • Advanced IP (internet protocol) transaction processing hardware
  • Advanced IP (internet protocol) transaction processing software
  • Flexible and powerful point-of-sale integration software development tools
  • Wide flexibility to work with Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks
  • Direct-to-gateway functionality
  • Server-to-gateway functionality
  • Gateway pre-certification for integrated terminal solutions
  • Comprehensive portfolio of card and payment processing services

Express Lane Services

The result is Express Lane services. CMS is able to extend the ability to engage in high-speed internet protocol-based transaction processing services to virtually any Merchant setting.

Equally important, Express Lane services have made the addition of high-speed internet protocol-based transaction processing and pre-certified gateway access easy for Point-of-Sale System Integrators and Point-of-sale Software Developers. The key is our Software Development Kit which makes integrator/developer high-speed upgrades extraordinarily easy in Windows environments. Best of all, CMS offers the Software Development Kit at no charge to POS integrators and developers.