loyalty Card Program

What is CMS Advantage?

Focused on providing outstanding value, service and convenience, CMS Advantage is a suite of products designed to enhance your business. These products include;

CMS Monitor

CMS Monitor automatically sends you email reports detailing;

  • Any unusual activity
  • Any potential risk situations for your merchant account
  • Monthly charts and graphs that give a breakdown of your card processing activity and performance

CMS will alert you via email about transaction patterns that are suspicious. For example, CMS will alert you to a return that does not match an original transaction or when a transaction has been authorized without a same-day sale. You will be alerted when transactions are being manually keyed instead of swiped, triggering higher fees. CMS will also inform you when manually keyed transactions were declined.

Deposit Update

Deposit Update is a detailed breakdown of your card deposits in order to simplify your reconciliation.


No more trips to the office supply store. No more figuring out the right size tape. Now all the supplies for your terminal are free. Call us and all you pay is the shipping cost.

Terminal Repair and Replacement

Your non-wireless terminals are guaranteed for as long as you are a member of CMS Advantage. Broken terminals will be repaired or replaced. All you pay is the shipping cost.

Advanced Website Reporting

24 hours a day, you get access to your daily batch totals, ACH deposits, monthly statements and more. No more paper handling, if that’s what you’d like. No more waiting for weeks to see the key financial information you want now. You will receive full details of your account conveniently available on-line including your monthly statements.


As a CMS Advantage member you have access to group benefits through Associated Sales Professionals. These benefits include a range of health insurance packages and service discounts.