Cash Advance

CMS Can Help Grow Your Business

CMS offers your business access to a source of working capital that is quick, easy and flexible. We help you leverage an asset that most traditional funding sources don’t even know you have; your average monthly VISA and MasterCard sales. With these funds you get the working capital you need to grow your business;

  • Expand or remodel
  • Add new services
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Strengthen your advertising
  • Take advantage of special buying opportunities
  • Prepare for emergencies

Qualifying and Funding

With a reasonable credit history and a good track record of card sales you’ll qualify for this source of working capital.

  • NO application fees
  • Generous, flexible credit guidelines
  • Amounts up to $100,000
  • Typical 48-hour approval with 7-day funding
  • Approval and Funding times are even faster if you already process with CMS

Repayment Couldn’t be Easier

  • AUTOMATIC – we apply a small portion of your future daily Visa and MasterCard sales for repayment
  • PAINLESS – with repayment as a percentage, the payment adjusts to your card sales
  • EASY – no invoices to read and track and no checks to write and mail

If you don’t already process with CMS, you’ll get the added advantage of high quality card processing services.