Card Terminals

You are Never Left Out in the Cold

CMS provides terminal support services for your CMS Class A terminal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means that no matter when a terminal problem occurs, CMS is there to help.

CMS provides labels for every terminal with our hotline number. That way, there’s no fumbling through records to figure out who to call.

We also provide a Quick Reference card with every terminal. This gives you the ability to perform terminal functions quickly and efficiently, without even having to call the hotline for assistance.

Our support staff and troubleshooting tools

Our support staff is highly experienced in troubleshooting terminal issues. In most cases, the fix is simple; a few key strokes explained by phone and the terminal is up and running.

Every CMS Client Service Associate is armed with a wealth of troubleshooting tools for every terminal CMS supports. It’s not a matter of guesswork driven by an emergency, it’s a matter of thoughtful planning and execution. If you were to listen in on the CMS terminal services hotline, you’d hear the advanced relationship skills of people who are used to helping Merchants quickly calm down, fix the problem, refocus, and get on with the business of selling. We know what Merchants need; experience, speed, and the personal touch.

Spanish/English bi-lingual Client Service Associates

Our high quality support is available in Spanish or English. That kind of personalized support means a lot when there’s a problem that must be fixed. We want your employees to be language-comfortable if they ever find themselves in a stressful situation.