Card Terminals

What is a Card Terminal?

A Terminal is the electronic component that reads the data contained within the magnetic stripe on the back of a credit, debit or loyalty card. It transmits that information along with the sale amount for approval. In addition to weight/size/appearance considerations there are a number of features and capabilities to choose from. You may choose to purchase or lease your terminal. CMS is also happy to provide payment processing services if you already own or lease your terminal.

So Many Terminals…

CMS is certified with and supports a wide range of point of sale equipment. Our relationships with terminal providers combined with our affordable lease/purchase programs offer you the flexibility to use your existing equipment, upgrade or buy new equipment for optimal payment processing.

With the huge variety of terminals and ECRs, CMS has adopted a strategy for terminal selection, support and deployment to meet your needs whatever they may be. The major considerations in CMS’s strategy are:

  • What terminals and ECRs are widely used?
  • What terminals have flexibility in terms of adapting to usage by both small and mid-size Merchants?
  • What terminals are certified by processing gateways?
  • Where is the technology headed?

Our Terminal Experts are available to assist you in making the correct terminal equipment choice that makes the most sense for your business.

Two Major Category Groupings

  • Class A – terminals which CMS will support with 24/7 customer service
  • Class B – terminals and ECRs which CMS will process for, but technical support will come from the manufacturer or other third party