loyalty Card Program

Loyalty Card Programs

Gift, Reward and Community Connect Card (CCC Mailer) Programs are the most powerful value-added components that you can choose to add to your credit and debit card processing capabilities—bar none. One or more of these programs are essential if you plan to build a loyal, regular clientelle that will keep your business in the black for years to come.

Card Processing

Card Processing

Advanced Credit, Check/Debit & Fleet solutions for both front-end and back-end processing including integrated fraud prevention and control using CMS’s transaction “look-out” system.

Card Terminals

card terminals

CMS knows terminal technology and we believe every Merchant deserves the advanced technology appropriate for the size, volume, and specialty of the business. Being the processing experts for Electonic Cash Registers (ECRs) and integrated ECR and PC-based systems, we deploy and support a wide variety of countertop, portable and wireless card terminals. What’s more, we handle every leasing need in-house with no third-party approvals or interference From corporate affiliates.

Check Processing

Check Processing

Although dwindling in use paper checks must nonetheless be accepted for your business to remain competitive. The most sought after service is check truncation followed by check guarantee and check verification. CMS can tailor a solution appropriate to your business needs

Outbound Email Marketing

Outbound Email Marketing Campaigns

Check card ownership has exploded in the last five years, and CMS has the check card, ATM card, and debit card solutions every Merchant looks for to cheap nfl jerseys increase the convenience of “cash” sales. From Visa and MasterCard “check cards” to “debit cards” issued by major ATM networks, CMS handles them all.

Express Lane

express lane

CMS Express Lane services can move every Merchant into the fast lane. With Express Lane services, we take card transaction processing into the future. Transactions are processed at “hyper speed” – typically in 2 to 3 seconds.

CMS Advantage

cms advantage

This unique suite of services was specifically designed to compliment Merchants’ card processing. From simplified supplies and repairs to advanced fraud and accounting reporting, CMS Advantage brings all these essential services to you for one low monthly subscription.

Cash Advance

Cash Advance

CMS provides easy to access funds with which to grow your business. The best part is that repayment is made through automatic, small daily deductions from your credit card sales.